Manufactured facing stone Greek Rock

Greece is a country of amazing beauty where the bright sun warms the inhabitants almost all year round. The first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about Greece is the azure sea, golden beaches, white houses, the aroma of strong coffee and coniferous plants. You also wonder about almighty Olympic gods led by Zeus the Thunderer who sits on a high throne in his palaces on top of Mount Olympus, or Homeric heroes, ancient philosophers and skillful sculptors as well as great campaigns of Alexander the Great and numerous Greek colonies, scattered along the coast of the Mediterranean and Black seas, who left a deep mark on different cultures in the process of Hellenization of the East.
Here you can find monuments from archaeological sites of antiquity to neoclassical buildings of the XIX century. Magnificent temples, bridges, amphitheaters, arches, stadiums ... In our time, these architectural creations do not carry functional load for which they were created originally. However, their beauty and uniqueness evoke awe and admiration of visitors. Most of them are built of stone, whose magnificence and glory has lasted for many centuries.
The life-loving ancient Hellenes knew a lot about materials and chose beautiful and high quality materials from what Greek countryside could offer them. And Art-Stone company offers you one of our best stones – Greek Rock.


Manufactured facing stone Greek Rock


Manufactured stone is packed in a box taking into account the joint width of 10-12 mm

Manufactured facing stone Greek Rock

Flat / Corner

Weight per square
meter / linear
meter (kg)
Quantity per package

Joint width

Flat 30 10 - 20 70 425 0,5 sq. m.
(with joint width)
10 - 12 1100
Corner 9 10 - 20 70 95, 190 1.5 linear meters
(with joint width)
10 - 12 1100
Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 01

Item No.01 

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 02

Item No.02

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 03

Item No.03

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 04

Item No.04

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 05

Item No.05

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 06

Item No.06

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 07

Item No.07

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 08

Item No.08

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень" артикул 010

Item No.010

Декоративный камень "Греческий камень"

Item No.011

Декоративный облицовочный искусственный камень "Греческий камень"

Item No.012

Декоративный облицовочный искусственный камень "Греческий камень"

Corner elements


Metric Area (sq. m.), Discount Price (ruble)
up to and including 50 1100
from 51 to 100  (-5%) 1045
from 101 to 200 (-7%) 1023
from 201 to 400  (-10%) 990
more than 401 call us



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